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Welcome !   last update: may 2022

In 2007 I started building my own guitars. Being a musician I had a lot of different guitars of the usual renown brands.

But I really wanted to create my own models. I didn't want to merely copy an established model, at the same time I was looking for a shape that would have a certain "vintage" feel to it. After numerous attempts and failures, I finally came up with a guitar that refers from a distance to the classics but at the same time has a unique and recognizable identity of its own: the Thin King.

In the meantime more original Guttlin designs were created, for different guitar types and basses. Check the various models and builds in the above menu.

Later I got into pickup making aswell, resulting in the Guttlin brand "BarBar Pickups".  Also bridges, tailpieces and knobs are all made in house.  And everything is done the "vintage" way: no CNC, 3 D printing, or outsourcing: hence the baseline HANDCRAFTED ORIGINALS.

Enjoy exploring the various models of these modern vintage guitars and feel free to send me an e-mail .

Since this is a one man thing from A to Z I do not always have the time to keep my website up to date with the latest builds but I do post almost dayly pictures of ongoing projects on facebookinstagram & youtube

Prices: since most instruments are made on commission, prices depend on the model and specs desired by the customer.  I do however try to keep my guitars affordable for musicians, who, let's be honest, are usually not the richest targetgroup :).  But crafting instruments 100 % by hand is very timeconsuming.  Depending on the model prices vary between 950 and 2000 Euro (excl VAT/case/shipping) Vat only being applicable inside the EU.  For more accurate prices, feel free to contact me, preferably by e-mail.   I value efficient communication and reply all mails swiftly.  


Karel Phlix 

Hasselt, Belgium





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