Designed and handcrafted from scratch by Guttlin. Unique vintage tone in a cool aluminum housing. They come in Blade or Polepiece version. 
These pickups are single coils designed and handwound with Gibson's legendary P13 in mind.  The aluminum cover and the overall construction
of the pickup gives them a unique vintage voiced tone.  If you are into blues, jazz, roots music, these pickups are up your alley for sure.

All Guttlin instruments come with BarBar pickups standard. 

For my basses, mainly the Helectrix Bass, these pickups work equally fantastic, especially the blade version.     

No prefabricated parts are used, everything is made in house. 

These pickups take a lot of work to manufacture, that's why currently I will not sell them seperately.     

Duke Robillard:"The Guttlin BarBar pickups are unique in tone. They have the clarity and openness of the 30s Kay "Kleenex box"
pickups with the grit, when you lay into them, of a vintage P90. They respond to your touch and are nice and sensitive but not too much. If you
use your attack to control your sound straight into your amp you will appreciate their sensitivity."

Nick Greer (Greer Amps and Pedals): "These pickups sound like a low wind P90 with a bit more fatness to the tone, with a bit of the sound
of the old Kay Pancakes pickups mixed in."


Two kinds of BarBars:


- the classic Aluminium ones (various cut outs)


- the BarBar Cigar Pickup: Rosewood cover / Charlie Christian Style

BarBar Cigar pickups have a bit more clarity, still penty warm but more pronounced highs.

Like the Aluminium ones they are made from scratch in house.



                 barbar guttlin

barbar guttlin 


Some clips.  Plenty more on my youtube channel